Reel To Reel In Movies

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This is a small list where you can find movies where reel to reel machines can be watched.

I know the list is short, but I'm building it with movies that I own in DVD and remember something spinning. If you know more movies where reel to reel machines are shown, please, send me an email telling me the title of the movie (better if you send me the IMDB link) and/or the machines that appear.

You can click in the images to see the big version.

* Last update: 09/16/2006. "Lost", "Kiss the Girls", "Blow Out"

Film Reel to reel machines Pictures
Apocalypse Now!

apocalypsenow_cover.jpg (4648 bytes)

1- Akai M-7
2- Sony 250A
Akai ??? in Apocalypse Now! Sony ??? in Apocalypse Now!

The Akai M-7 has the tape directly from the left reel to the right without going thru the tape path. In the scene it runs too fast.

Independence day

independenceday_cover.jpg (4224 bytes)

1 & 2- Pioneer RT-707 (2 units in black)
Bottom part of two Pioneer RT-707 in black! (4068 bytes) Bottom part of two Pioneer RT-707 in black!

Very rare the 707s in black. I think they were made only for the US Deparment of Defense.

The hunt for the Red October

octubrerojo_cover.jpg (4432 bytes)

1- Teac A-3340 Spinning in a submarine

The 3340 using Maxell MR-7 metal reels without the typical double "m" lettering.
Knight Rider - TV

knightrider_cover.jpg (4641 bytes)

1 & 2 - Ep."Soul Survivor": Pioneer RT-909

3 & 4- Ep."Inside out": Nagra IV-L

Beautiful deck Good taste

The 2nd pic of the 909 has the "maxell" lettering covered with a black tape so that the brand name can't be watched. The same occurs with the "pioneer" lettering in the top left of the head cover.

But the "Pioneer" in the PR-101 10" metal reel it's impolute.

Pulp Fiction

pulpfiction_cover.jpg (6274 bytes)

1 & 2 - Teac X-2000R BL
3 & 4 - ????
Uma Thurman with a Teac X-2000R BL Uma Thurman with a Teac X-2000R BL
Gorillas in the mist

gorillasinthemist_cover.jpg (5190 bytes)

1- Nagra III
2- Grundig TK-2400
gorillasinthemist1peq.jpg (13976 bytes) gorillasinthemist2peq.jpg (11341 bytes)
The adventures of Ford Fairlane

fordfairlane_cover.jpg (5091 bytes)

1- Otari MX5050 BQ-II
A quad Otari

In the movie, Ford Fairlane turns on the Otari with a wireless remote control.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

jungla3_cover.jpg (7069 bytes)

1 & 2- Teac X2000RBL
The counter is the clue Teac X2000RBL in background
Tintin and the Lake of Sharks

tintin_cover.jpg (8418 bytes)

1 & 2- Animation - Fiction
Guns N' Roses: Welcome to the videos

gnr_cover.jpg (3166 bytes)

1 & 2- Studer A800 MKII

The 'beast' it's spinning at 30 ips.

The rock

therock_cover.jpg (6146 bytes)

1- Tascam 34B
2- Fostex E-2

sneakers_cover.jpg (5161 bytes)

1- Tascam 34B
2- Nagra III
3- Teac X-700R
4- Editing with the 34B
The Russia House

casarusia_cover.jpg (3876 bytes)

1- ReVox PR99 MK-III
2 & 3- ReVox C270
4- Nagra III
5- ReVox B77 MK-II (10 units)
6- Tascam 22-2

In the first scene captured, a conversation it's being recorded without cuts. In less than 2 minutes, from the beginning to end, there's a lot of tape recorded. It seems that someone forgot to stop and rewing the ReVox during bloopers.

Good morning Vietnam

gmvietnam_cover.jpg (5673 bytes)

1- Ferrograph 7
2- EMI BTR 4
That thing you do

wonders_cover.jpg (9860 bytes)

1- Akai Terecorder
2- Ampex 350
Madonna Live: Drowned World Tour 2001

madonna_cover.jpg (6117 bytes)

1- Akai GX-260D

It appears two times in a projection in the set during the "Music" song.


1- Pioneer RT-707 in silver (left) and in black (right)
2- Nagra IV-S
swordfish1_peq.jpg (3849 bytes) swordfish2_peq.jpg (4019 bytes)

1&2- Nagra IV-S
3- ReVox B77 and Nagra IV-S
4&5- ReVox B77
diva1peq.jpg (2451 bytes) diva2peq.jpg (2451 bytes)
diva3peq.jpg (2451 bytes) diva4peq.jpg (2451 bytes)
diva5peq.jpg (2451 bytes)

In the 4th scene, it's supossed that the girl puts and threads the tape into the B77, but it's not shown in the movie. Too much fast to be real.

Real Genius

1- Teac 52
2- Teac A-3300S

"Math on tape is hard to follow, so: Please Listen Carefully".

Classic albums: The dark side of the moon

1- Akai GX-4000DS MK-II
2- MCI JH-110

The 2nd pic shows how was done the tape loop used in the beginning of "Money"

Spy game

1- Nagra IV (3 units) and Nagra SN (2 units)
2- Akai GX-600D
THX 1138

1- Nagra III

The Nagra is used to record the worries and confessions of THX-1138.

"V" (TV)

1&2- Sony TC-352D

"SONY" lettering in the tape head covered with a black tape.

Old Boy

1&2- Akai M-9
MacGyver (TV)

1- Ep. "The assasin": Teac X1000-R
2- Ep. "Silent World": Pioneer RT-707 in black (2 units)

The X1000-R is recording, but, how about the red leds?.

The 707s are also recording and this time the red leds are shining.
Beautiful original Pioneer PR-85 light 7" metal reels in the left unit.

The incredibles

1&2- Animation - Fiction

1- Akai X360-D
2&4- Ampex AX 50
3- Uher 4000 Report
Close encounters of the third kind


1- Teac A-1500W
White Noise

1- Akai GX-635D
2- Akai GX-646D
3- Teac X10-R
The X  Files


1- Fostex R8
2- Unknown
3&4- Teac A-3440

What a waste of tape to record at 15 ips with the R8 in 7" reels for conversations purpose.
2nd pic isn't a Sony TC-800B like the one used by Nixon White House to record the Watergate tapes.

Coming to America

1- Philips N-4504

Very rare. A N-4504 (dutch machine) in Queens (N.Y.) supposed to have been bought new in 1988!.

Last days


1- Teac A-4010S

1&2- Tascam 38
K-19: The Widowmaker


1- Loewe Opta

URSS. The 60's. A nuclear submarine. A german "tonbandgërate" there with BASF tapes?.
Soviets had his own brands.

Fierce Creatures

1&2&3- ReVox A77 MK-IV

There's a conversation in the movie about why to use such a big recorder.

De Phazz (music DVD, doesn't appear in IMDB)


1- Philips RK 40
2- Grundig Report 819

Left reel in the 1st pic, and right reel in the 2nd are BASF (possibly LP35) and have the brand name occulted. Also, the tape isn't threaded in the 1st image.

The Changeling

1&2&3&4- Akai 1722-II

Great shoots, even in the 3rd and 4th pics are shown vintage 7" Ampex reel boxes, possible 372 or 373 tapes.

Back to the Future III

raf_cover.jpg (5602 bytes)

1- Grundig Stenorette

The model data says that it was raised in 1954. Good positioned in time, because the action occurs in 1955. The question is, was this Grundig exported to the USA?.
Anyway, Christopher Lloyd uses it to record and he press the correct button.

Alias (TV)

alias_cover.jpg (5302 bytes)

1- Ep. "The Counter Agent"- Pioneer RT-707 in black

The action occurs in Paldiski, Estonia, a very rare place to find a RT-707 colored in black as units used by US Forces.

The Exorcist

1&2- DuKane ???
3&6- Wollensak T-1515
4&5- Viking 87
The Exorcist II

1&2&3: Dokorder 1140

With the original Dokorder reels and adapters.

A Clockwork Orange

1&2- Sony TC-630

Speakers seems to be greater than the original ones that came with the Sony TC-630.

The Day of the Dolphin

1&3&4- Sony TC-854-4
2- Sony TC-6360A (on desktop) and Sony TC-854-4 on background

Beautiful big set of surround decks with original reels and adaptors.

Where the Truth Lies

1&3- Uher Report 4000L
2- Pioneer RT-1020
4- ReVox A77 MK-III
5 - Revere TS-301

The difficult pic is the 2nd. It seems to be a Pioneer, but not sure.

The Doors

1&3&4&5- 3M model M64
2- Ampex 350
6- 3M model M64 and Revox G36
The Conversation

1&2- Uher Report 4000 IC
3&4- Uher Universal 5000
5- Nagra SN
6&7&8&9- Ampex 354
10&11- Grundig 244 HiFi
12- ???

Uhers Universal 5000 are controled at the same time with an external devide, also sincronized with the big Ampex which is recording at 15 ips.
Grundig 244 HiFi is difficult to recognize, but you can watch the Grundig logo in the 11th pic.

The Evil Dead

1- Panasonic RQ-706S

Spinning at 1 7/8 ips.

Ghostbusters II

1- Tascam 34B

The deck is turned on, but not tape in the reel tables, just empty reels in both sides.

The Life Aquatic with Steeve Zissou

1- Studer B62 and Nagra 4.2

The Nagra is in the top left over the Studer B62..

The Family Stone

1- Technics RS-1506US

It appears with the original Technics 10" reel and NAB adapters.


1&2&3&4- ReVox B77 MK II

Action occurs in 1972-1974 and the ReVox B77 was introduced in 1977. The one pictured is the mark 2 (1981). In picture 3 you can see the tape brand in the right reel (left one in the pic), BASF. This type of reel design (three holes rounded in the external part and square in inner part) is from the 90ths, probably 911 type.
The left reel (Ampex) and NAB hub adapters (ReVox) are correctly dated. In 4th pic can be watched that channel selector is in "mono" position and the deck is really recording (the two red leds light).


1&2- Teac X-10R

Deck it's spinning at 7.5 ips and have the original Teac RE-1002 metal reel in the left side.

Doctor Who (2005)

1&2&3&4- Vortexion W.V.B.

The action occurs in 1941 during the german fly attack over London in WWII. Great mistake, the W.V.B. is from 1963. It can handle until 8 1/2" reels, have two speeds, 3.75 and 7.5 ips and weights 30 k!!!.

Los energéticos

1&2&3&4- Apolec ???

It's very similar to Apolec RA-11 and also to Aiwa TP-32A, but isn't any of these two.
Unfortunatelly it was used in the film to make a parody of "Mission: Impossible".

Las aventuras de Pepe Carvalho

1- Nagra 4.2
2- Akai X-201D

The tape played in both decks maybe it's the same, a 13 cms. Scotch reel.

Guest House Paradiso

1- Grundig TK-5

Light blue model


1&2&3&4- Uher Universal 5000



1&2- Sony TC-640

The head cover is missing showing the silver color of the head block.
Very curious that the reels have the Dharma Corporation logo.

Kiss the Girls

1- Dokorder 1120

The tape isn't threaded correctly, it doesn't pass by the tension arms.
Curious is the hard-to-find original Dokorder 7" metal reel.

Blow Out

1&2&3&4&5&9- Nagra III
6- Ampex 350
7- Pioneer RT-2022
8- Ampex 350
10&12- Ampex 350, Pioneer RT-2022, Scully 280B
11- Ampex 350, Nagra III
13- Ampex 350 (2 units), Nagra III,
     Pioneer RT-2022, Scully 280B
14- Teac 2340 (2 units), Teac 2300SR
15- Teac 2340 (2 units), Teac 2300SR, Nagra III, ???
16- Nagra SN